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Business Dispute Won


We represented a business client in a successful court challenge during 2015 against a fraudulent partner, gaining control of the businesses and negotiating the sale of real estate assets.


Commercial refinance


During 2015 we completed the refinance of a client's rental property portfolio in excess of

$1.6 million.



Trust Goal Fulfilled


We completed the sale of the last of a deceased client's properties held in trust for his children, pursuant to the plan we created with him.




Development Project


We were pleased to be selected to represent a client in their acquisition of a classic downtown hotel, with renovations and tenant relocations, contributing to the ongoing renaissance and development of city center in Rochester, NY.



Construction Dispute

We recently resolved a dispute between our client, a NY architectural firm, and a middle eastern government, regarding a 1.2 million square foot hospital project, reaching a succesful resolution after mediation overseas and NY court proceedings.



Apartments Acquisition


Our experience with 1031 tax-deferred exchanges, LLC operating agreements and difficult negotiations allowed us to succesfully close a multi-parcel purchase of 150 rental units.

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